11 May 2009

Busy busy busy

Somehow I will find the time to plan and pack for leaving in less than a month to go to Bali. Things are slowly coming together and everyone is getting so excited about our summer adventures.

I've attended 3 births so far this year which may not seem like much except that one birth also means 2 prenatal and one postpartum meeting. Those have to be worked around our family schedule. So far it seems that until the kids get older, one birth a month will have to be my quota. If I have no birth booked for that month then I can be backup for another doula. I'm doing no more births until I get to Bali, and I have a repeat midwifery client due in August when I get back. Anyone need me in September? :)

I've also been really busy with my school work. I've been putting in 20 hour weeks to finish 2nd quarter work, which I finished yesterday and will put in the mail this week. It's ready 2 months early! I just really needed that big project out of the way so my mind will have room to process everything else that needs to get done. So far, I've met my goals for each quarter, which are to submit projects and requirements every quarter, with no exception. I even plan on taking a small project with me while I'm gone to work on during down times.

I attended/missed a great birth in Korat in March. It's a 3+ hr drive and I left as soon as I was told to come but didn't make it in time. But I still learned a lot from helping with the placenta and inspecting it and all of its "issues". I drove 600km in less than 24 hours, through mountains and rice paddies! Thankfully that birth came right on time as I had one scheduled 10 days later which also came right around the due date. A fabulous first-time mom who got her waterbirth. I really enjoyed watching a man become a father at that birth... it was beautiful!

Unless I get a chance to update between now and when we leave, the next post will probably come from Bali!

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At 6:00 PM, Blogger Emily said...

I don't know how you do it all. I hope the trip comes together well. Sounds exciting!

At 12:22 AM, Blogger Emily said...

Ok, I finally saw your new website, and I LOVE your logo. It looks hip and modern and even slightly Thai to me. Awesome!!


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