26 November 2008

I'm the big 30

Last week was my 30th birthday. I am amazed at how much my life has changed since I turned 20. At 20 I was dating and met my future in-laws. Now that was an adventure and I have pics to prove it. And then I got married. And then we moved to Thailand. And then came baby #1, and then #2. And then #3 and #4 came together. And now I'm this crazy lady following a dream that is slowly coming into reality. If you'd have told me all of this 10 years ago I would have never believed it.

One of my favorite Bible stories is of Joseph. He would have never thought he would be the one to save Egypt from famine. He went through trial after trial. Left in a pit to die. Sold into slavery. Accused of adultry. Put in prison. Dream interpreter. Advisor to the pharoah. Ultimately 2nd in command of one of the richest countries in the world. God was with him every step of the way preparing him for his next adventure/struggle.

I wonder if Joseph looked back at his life and saw God's hand in it leading him along, seeing that he was to turn this way or that. The story of Joseph helps me now. I can see where I've been. I can see God's hand as it led me, closed or opened doors, inspired me. I have hope for the future that He will continue to prepare my path. I cannot question what He will do for me in the future because I can see what he has already done.

When I see the task that God has put before me, midwifery school and serving women, at times I'm overwhelmed with just how much work it is and how much responsibility it will be. How I finish school, find an apprenticeship, found a homebirth practice, and more is already preplanned for me. God is guiding me in the way I should go and I know it will be the right way. Whenever I have a moment of doubt is when He seems to put me in a situation that confirms His plans for me.

So I'm 30 now. Where will I be in another 10 or 30?



At 11:54 AM, Blogger Michelle said...

Not sure what else to say, but yup! :)

Happy belated birthday!!

At 2:05 AM, Blogger rcsnickers said...

How true. God has the next 10 years all planned for you. It will be amazing to see how it all unfolds and his will for your midwifery. What a wonderful life.... happy birthday!


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