03 October 2008

Phase 2 is done

I just finished Phase 2 and requested the rest of the curriculum! The huge step only took 2 months to complete. Orientation is next and I'm giving myself a goal of 4 months to complete.

So what have I done in the last month?
Completed my inventory and documentation codes. Made a ton of charts. Set up my filing system. Started filing my piles of notes, clips, articles, handouts, etc. Read 3 books. Critiqued 9 articles on a variety of subjects. Wrote a few philosophy and formula papers.

This month I'm working on reading another book, commenting on 20 articles, creating client handouts, finishing some quizzes.

I did prenatal care for friend again yesterday. She's now 36 weeks. The baby had been in the same position the last few checks but yesterday decided that was too easy for me so switched it around some! Took me about 5 minutes (and with a very patient friend) to work around the wiggly parts to figure out the position. And when I went to check the heart rate couldn't count for long enough before the baby wiggled on away. I am just secretly wishing her labor goes so fast that she can't get across town and come to my house instead. In 15 minutes I'd have that bed pushed over to the side of the room, birth pool out and filling, supplies set up. I can dream can't I???

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At 7:47 PM, Blogger Michelle said...

Awesome! :) Sounds like you are ready to go at Orientation once it arrives...


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