25 August 2007

My Goals Revisited

Hi Everyone!! Been a long time since posting, but after a twin pregnancy and now 5 week old twins, posting wasn't so important for a while. Now in the process of updating all blogs.

In my Feb. 4, 2006 post, I listed my goals for the next few years. I figure now that the babies are here and I have a few minutes during the day, I need to know where I was to know where to pick back up. Next post, I'll update my goals.

Here's what I put in Feb. 2006 and what I did with that goal.

2 more children fit somewhere into the scheme of this...And I'm sure the dates will change (well, who would've thought this would come true so fast. twins definitely fit the "2 more children" bit!)

Feb 2006 - enroll with CBI (Childbirth International) Doula and
Childbirth Educator program (DONE)

June 2006 - finish certificates in Natural Living and Natural Health with HAcres (not done, started up again this week, should finish in about 3 months)

June 2007 - finish CBI training unless certification births not available (July 2007, finished my Childbirth Educator portions, just waiting for feedback and certification in the mail. Doula portion, I need two more births... not easy with nursing two babies... maybe a long time before this happens)

June 2007 - enroll with AAMI (Ancient Art Midwifery Institute), beginning with their ITM (Intro to Midwifery) course (enrolled Dec. 2006)

Dec 2007 - finish ITM (finished July 2007 barely meeting the due date, exactly one week before the babies arrived!... a different post coming up about the course)

the next 3 goals are still in the plans

Jan 2008 - enroll with AAMI's midwifery program or NMI (National Midwifery Institute)

June 2012 - finish AAMI course, apprentice, take NARM exam
during our 1 year sabbatical in the US

August 2013 - return to Thailand and begin legal process to practice midwifery while teaching CBE and labor assisting

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At 2:20 AM, Blogger rcsnickers said...

A lot accomplished in that time frame so far! How you do it all, I will never know!


At 10:37 PM, Blogger birth_goddess said...

i am a student midwife in the us currently planning to eventually go back to canada and practice. i recently spent some time in australia apprenticing and am now at the tail-end of my training. i am extremely interested in coming to thailand to practice or learn for awhile next year and i was wondering if you could give me any wonderful tips or info! it sounds wonderful what you are doing there. :o)


At 8:16 AM, Blogger Jennie said...

Congratulations Erin! You are doing so well! I know you will meet and exceed all your goals- the way will open- and God's plan can always surprise you.


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