14 November 2006

Birds & Bees - Grace version

Dayton and I were discussing the other day how we're going to start trying for baby #3. Grace overhears this and here goes the conversation:

Grace: Is there a baby in your tummy mommy?
Me: No, not yet.
Grace: Why?
Me: Because Mommy and Daddy haven't put one there yet.
Grace: Daddy?
Dayton: Yes, Daddy helps.
Grace: No he doesn't, silly daddy.
Me: He does help.
Grace: Why?
Dayton: Because Daddy likes to help! (winks at me)

Grace then goes on to say she doesn't get it. So here's the birds and the bees explanation for a 3yr old.

Me: Mommy has eggs in her tummy.
Grace: 2 eggs?
Me: Lots of eggs. And then daddy waters the eggs. Then a baby grows and gets born after a long time.
Grace: Oooh. And when it gets born, mommy gets a big tummy ache. And she pushes and pushes. And it hurts. And the baby comes out of the 'gina.
Me: Yes that's right! You're a smart little girl.

The next morning, the minute Grace wakes up:
Mommy, did daddy water your eggs last night
Me: No, not yet.

She totally gets pregnancy and birth from all of the birth clips we watch together. There's the 3yr old version for you.



At 4:35 AM, Blogger rcsnickers said...

oh you are brave! I do wonder if girls wonder and understand "it" faster than boys. We are still in the "God puts that baby in Mommy's tummy!" That's it. They have not been present during birth but have seen their birth videos. Have not been asked any specific questions on details. I am sure my girl will be inquisitive on the subject.

What a cute conversation. Hope it happens soon......

At 11:29 AM, Blogger Laura said...

Loved it! Pretty good way to explain it, if you ask me. And yes, she is a very smart little girl!


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