21 August 2006

Which path to midwifery?

I've been reading through Paths to Becoming a Midwife: Getting an Education. I really really want to go the direct-entry/CPM route. But, to even have the slightest chance of working here legally, I almost have to go the CNM (nurse) route. I do not like the active management of most nurse-midwives, or that most have to work in hospitals being told what to do by doctors who do not understand true natural birth. Even if not in a hospital, they have so many obstacles to overcome. If I were living in the USA, it'd not be the way for me to go.

The CPM will work in the USA but most likely not be recognized here. CPM is expectant management and the approach that I will take. So what to do??? Too soon to make the big decision. I know what I want in my heart.

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At 7:19 AM, Blogger TulipGirl said...

I had a CNM in a little west Texas town that was totally medicalized and was pushed around so much by the hospital and doctors there. I ended up dropping her care because I realized that even if her heart was as a midwife, in reality she wasn't. That, and some of her actions showed that she wasn't the caregiver for me and my son. . .

Praying you have wisdom.

Of the midwives who have attended my births, two were CNMs. Both very much had a midwife-heart. And one was very homebirth, dem oriented--and got her CNM years after being a midwife to comply with some legal stuff in Cali.


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