09 April 2006

Friends' Pregnancies - Different Directions

2 friends (A. and L.) were due with babies this coming November.

A. miscarried last week. Seems like she's doing okay considering this is the 4th time it's happened. Really wanted me to teach her childbirth class and help her do a waterbirth at the hospital. Her doctor refused to do any tests on the embryo sac that she saved. She wanted to know if it was her body or genenics that has caused this to happen over the past 6 years.

L. is very sick with morning sickness. I went over tonight for about an hour and gave her some home remedy ideas. Brought her some apple cider vinegar because 1 tsp per 8 oz of water should help. Talked a lot about what she believes and wants. And learned that she totally wants me at her birth because her husband (he admitted it) is not good with this sort of thing. And she may want me to teach her class. I told her to let me know before the summer so I can work on my curriculum during the summer. The pregnancy books here are awful, so I'm buying some online tonight to add to my collection/lending library, and she can borrow some. Oh, and did I mention... they just got married in December! And as she says, "Can you say 'broken condom'?" They are so excited, just totally surprised.

So here I am, after that previously depressing post, helping a woman through a miscarriage, AND with a potential/probably client!


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