25 February 2006

Dead Babies

One of the not so fun parts of studying has been going through the grief and loss sections of reading. The things I've had to read, pictures, etc. have not been easy. But I'm glad I'm reading it because I'd not go there otherwise, and I know someday, I'll have to deal with it in one way or another.

I've finished the communications module. Just a 10 page reflection paper, which should take me a week or so to do, get it graded, and then I should pass the whole module. I started with this module in particular because it has to be completed before I attend any certification births.

Still no word on if I'll be attending the birth in March. I have passed on some info they've requested, so at least I know they're reading!



At 7:54 AM, Blogger Sib said...

Hi Erin, while you're reading on loss and grief...here's a book from the Christian perspective on losing a child...recommended by several pastors. I have to admit I haven't actually read it :\ It's "Safe in the Arms of God" by John MacArthur.

At 2:26 PM, Blogger Erin said...

Thanks for the recommendation. The unfortunate part about all programs out there is that there are no Christian ones. So it's good to have Christian books to supplement.


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