04 February 2006

My Goals

2 more children fit somewhere into the scheme of this...
And I'm sure the dates will change

Feb 2006 - enroll with CBI (Childbirth International) Doula and Childbirth Educator program

June 2006 - finish certificates in Natural Living and Natural Health with HAcres

June 2007 - finish CBI training unless certification births not available

June 2007 - enroll with AAMI (Ancient Art Midwifery Institute), beginning with their ITM (Intro to Midwifery) course

Dec 2007 - finish ITM

Jan 2008 - enroll with AAMI's midwifery program or NMI (National Midwifery Institute)

June 2012 - finish AAMI course, apprentice, take NARM exam during our 1 year sabbatical in the US

August 2013 - return to SE Asia and begin legal process to practice midwifery while teaching CBE and labor assisting



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