03 February 2006

Receiving Books

Amazon is amazing! I ordered 4 books, and it took only a week for the first 2 to arrive and then another 3 days for the next 2 to come! They're all books I've been wanting for a while to help me with my midwifery quest.

The Doula Advantage It'll help me with doula skills while working towards the MW goal.

Baby Catcher Story of a midwife.

Spiritual Midwifery It's an Ina May Gaskins book with great info. And I love the birth pictures in it... hippies. I swear one of the pages they look my parents!

Hearts and Hands It's a midwife textbook with all the basics. I figure if I learn it really well, then I'll maybe be able to shadow someone working here. Then I can learn more from them.

At some point, I need to post how I've come to want to be a midwife. I'll post my own birth stories, too. Also will post my general timeframe for meeting my goals.



At 9:07 PM, Blogger Laura said...

have you also read ina may's book guide to childbirth? just a little less hippie sounding, i've heard than spiritual midwifery. this book really prepared me for my natural birth w/ella.


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