14 February 2006

Today's the Big Day

I've done all the cramming and studying I can do to prep for my first client/doula interview. Hopefully what I've learned will help and not hinder the conversations.

The house is almost clean - though just noticed Grace drew on the sofa cover with a pen... and after picking up the playmat on the rug noticed it was in great need of a vaccuum. Dinner will be easy. Reheat the spaghetti sauce, boil noodles, make salad and garlic bread. Dessert will be vanilla icecream with a choice of rootbeer (Dayton's request) or strawberries. Dinners usually aren't done at interviews, but it's Valentine's Day!

I was trying to figure out the best set up for the talking time and realized it'll be nighttime, and the main overhead light is not working! Dayton's going to have to run home during his planning period to fix it because if he waits until after school, they'll be here already, and that would be... just embarrassing!

On another note, our maid (Puk) called and said her mother is dying (this has been going on for some time) and had to leave immediately. She'll be gone for at least 2 weeks. I usually save company cleanup for her on Wednesday, but I'll just have to do all the cleanup, and the laundry, ironing, mopping, and bathrooms she usually does. Puk does not seem sad, just stressed. She's the main caretaker for her parents and I think is just ready for this to be over. She has 3 daughters.



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