08 April 2006

Back to work

After a week of various sicknesses, I am back on track doing my CBI work.

I guess I got a little "realist" over what I'm deciding to do. I keep telling myself, that it's pointless to pursue midwifery when I just can NOT see a way to do it legally here. Why pursue it at all? Sigh. I just have this mental battle going on all day with it. It's so consuming that I don't study much else and shirk my chores at home.

So. I'm back to doing my doula and childbirth educator studies as a foundation. Taking my time doing it. Back to cleaning my house. Back to Bible reading. Remembering that every thing will fall into place how God wants it in HIS timing.

2 more friends are pregnant, due in mid-November. One may want me to teach their childbirth class. If so, I have lots of work to do. Lesson plans to write, handouts to make and collect. Supplies to buy. It's a lot of work, too, but I think if I pace myself instead of working in spurts it's doable.

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