09 March 2006

Baby Catchers of the Amazon

Or a similar title. Can't remember exactly. But it was on the Nat'l Geographic channel. It followed a midwife in the Amazon jungles. A traditional midwife who has learned from doing things on her own. But I did notice that she's had some training because she was using gloves, had a scale, a birth bag. Showed her doing prenatal checkups, delivering babies, postnatal checkups, breastfeeding help. Fascinating! Also showed her as a local healer, gathering plants from the jungle, making medicines, compresses, baths, etc. for the village.

One of the births would have had major interventions in a normal/hospital setting. The cord was wrapped around the baby's body and 3x around the neck. Was not breathing for at least 2 minutes. The midwife did all kinds of things to get it to breathe well, and even used a clean cloth over the baby's face as a barrier for infant CPR. She did not cut the cord immediately so the baby still was receiving support from the mother until it was breathing on it's own. This should be normal procedure in any setting.

Watching this show just made me want to come right back to the computer and keep on studying!



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