07 August 2006

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Hello readers! After a nice long visit to the USA for the summer, I'm back in Bangkok and "back to work"

I've been busy planning my first childbirth ed. class scheduled for September, making contacts with local breastfeeding consultants or teachers, studying midwifery on my own, helping my husband get ready for this school year, etc..

Began cloth diapering a week ago, and it's going well... the hard part isn't the diaper, it's getting the kid to lay still long enough to get it on!

I got a printer finally! Now I can be getting my handouts and visuals ready for classes.

I'll post some pictures in a few days.



At 3:35 AM, Blogger Sib said...

Good to see you posting again :) We had so much fun with you guys. Wish you were coming back again sooner :(
We're in Atlanta and staying with Jeff's brother for what seems to be an extended period of time...the market is the absolute worst for buying a house right now...and they like the idea of us sharing their mortgage so they can save up for a new house. It's actually been fun b/c Stephanie and I get along really well. I've been teaching her guitar :) She sings & plays piano too.
So you're teaching a class now...I'd like to hear more about that! Say hi to Dayton, Grace and Isaiah for me! -Em


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