11 April 2006

Went to the "Teeth Doctor"

My dentist just had a baby 3.5 mo ago and is breastfeeding!!!! For a Thai that's a huge thing. And not just that, but she's pumping full time so he can have only breastmilk. I was shocked. When I walked in to see her, I could tell she was breastfeeding because her normal tiny frame had big breasts! LOL I mentioned that to Dayton (who'd had his teeth cleaned before me) and he hadn't noticed.

She did have a C-section because was told the baby would be too big. 3.75kg is only 8.5lb and not big! To me big is 10 or 11 pounds. And why do a C-section when an induction is less risky? Doctors make way more with C/S than inductions. Another rant.

I have 2 fillings that need replacing... glad to be getting more toxic metal out of my mouth. And one tiny cavity, thanks to those pregnancy hormones. I'll have to go back in a few weeks to get it done. Grace sat on the stool and watched us each get our teeth cleaned. For a kid who normally loves showing us her teeth, she would not even give a smile or glimpse of a tooth for the "Teeth Doctor." No worries. She's only 2 and a half. We just took turns watching Isaiah crawl around the waiting room. An easy trip.


At 1:06 AM, Blogger Laura said...

that's what will and i are planning to do for our next checkup-go together so we can take turns watching ella. this last time, i went by myself but the receptionist agreed to watch her, so worked out fine.


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