25 August 2006

Isaiah is ALIVE!

We had a near drowning accident yesterday. Spent the night in the hospital and are now home.

Grace and Isaiah were in the bathtub together. DH was watching them but fell asleep! I didn't know he was sleeping but heard an odd sound from the bathroom and yelled at DH to get up as I ran to the bathroom. Grace had put Isaiah on his stomach with his head in the water (about 2 in.) and was sitting on him. DH pulled him out of the water and handed him directly to me. He was totally blue, floppy, and not breathing at all. I have no idea how long he was actually under water.

I held him face down, almost upside down and pounded his back. Sat him up and kindof heimliched his stomach. Tipped up back over and still nothing. 3 minutes had passed. I pounded on his back, then felt a slight twitch. He was still alive! I pounded more and finally water started coming out of his lungs. DH took over and held him upside down as I stimulated him to get more water out. He finally took a tiny wheeze of breath. I didn't have to do CPR. There was still too much water in him, so we turned him on his side and got him to spit out more water. His eyes were rolling in his head.

I grabbed my birth supplies bag that has some supplies in it and pulled out a bulb syringe. I suction huge gobs of flem from his nose. Stuck it down his throat and suctioned more. It hit his gag reflex and he threw up a lot of water. Finally started breathing better. He opened his eyes. I threw a sposie on him, DH pulled a dress over DD's head, and we ran out to the car. We drove to the emergency room. There is no 911 here.

I was too freaked out to remember the words I needed in Thai. I kept saying "he needs oxygen NOW!" They wanted to check his temperature and blood pressure. It had been 25 minutes since we first found him. They check his BP and then realize he needs oxygen NOW. Within 2 minutes, he was breathing much better, better color. Once he was stable, they took a chest X-ray which showed some fluid on the lungs. Blood work showed elevated white blood cells.

The pediatrician (who thankfully spoke much better English) said he may get pneumonia or an infection. After 16hr on IV with antibiotics, no fever, they sent us home. He is acting his normal self. Grace has no idea that she almost killed her brother. We are still in shock. We now wait and watch for fever or coughing and possible pneumonia, but he seems to be doing well.

We praise God that he spared our son's life.


At 11:53 PM, Blogger Laura said...

We are SO THANKFUL TOO! Laurance filled us in a little on what happened but it was good to get all the details from your blog. Praise the Lord for giving you the sanity to know what to do in that moment.
Kiss the little guy for us!

At 3:34 AM, Blogger rcsnickers said...

Glad to hear he did not get pneumonia.

Will continue to pray for you all.

At 7:15 AM, Blogger TulipGirl said...

Oh NO! I'm nearly in tears reading this!


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