01 November 2006

Police Arrest 150 More Christians

Thought some of you might find this interesting. Christians are continuously persecuted in Eritrea (NE Africa).

Compass Direct News reports that in a large-scale roundup the past week, Eritrean authorities have detained 150 Christians from at least five of the country’s outlawed churches. Starting Wednesday (October 25), security officers in the town of Mendefera began going from house to house, arresting local Christians from a list they compiled of known members of Pentecostal churches and the Orthodox renewal movement. During the first day’s raids, a total of 38 men and 17 women were incarcerated at the military fort in Mendefera, 30 miles south of Asmara. Local sources confirmed to Compass that police authorities were subjecting the detained Christians to beatings and other physical mistreatment. According to eyewitnesses, at least 10 nursing mothers were among the new prisoners, all of them forced to leave their infants behind.



At 11:11 AM, Blogger Laura said...

How sad-may we keep them in our prayers!

At 1:39 AM, Blogger Sib said...

How hard that must be. Christians are still being persecuted all over the world--sometimes we forget. -Em

At 2:16 AM, Blogger rcsnickers said...

How sad to hear. Are they killing the christians or holding them? I tend to forget like Emily said.



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