06 February 2007

Two new blogs

After feeling pulled in various directions and wanting to keep this blog focused on my midwifery studies and birth work, I decided I just needed to keep it separate. So, with no posts on either, I have set up two new blogs. The green living one is what I had actually wanted to begin before doing this midwifery one. It is vital to how we live and how our future will be. THe other one will be more personal. I've titled it "Twins, Two" but it will have more personal, family, updates, what's going on etc.

I have very little time to blog right now between trying to finish up some studies, fit in a Beth Moore study, train a new maid, gestate, etc.! I'll try to do at least 1 entry per blog per week... though I have a feeling the twin one will go faster since I have so much that needs catching up!

Links to the blogs are in the sidebar! I'd put it here but that takes more effort =)


At 3:27 AM, Blogger Laura said...

Wow-3 blogs-aren't you ambitious!
Can't wait to read all of them.


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