17 September 2007

New Goals for 2007 and on

Dec 2007 - finish certificates in Natural Living and Natural Health with HAcres

Jan 2008 - do full-time enrollment with AAMI's midwifery program

Dec 2008 - complete CBI doula certification births

between these dates, I'd like to find some lactation education/consultant courses as well

June 2012 - finish AAMI course, apprentice, take NARM exam during our 1 year sabbatical in the US

Aug 2013 - return to Thailand and begin legal process to practice midwifery while teaching CBE and labor assisting

Wow, this is all so daunting, but seeing how many goals I met in the previous post make this seem a little more possible!

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At 3:19 AM, Blogger Emily said...

Wow, these are ambitious but worthy goals! Good for you for setting them...especially with a growing family. You will make a wonderful midwife and it's exciting to see the steps you're taking to get there.
Amy said it took her a lot of hard work and training, but when you're compelled because it's your calling, it's impossible to do anything else.

At 1:45 AM, Blogger Blessing God's Way said...

Erin, Hi - my name is Doran Richards and I am assistant director for Christian Midwives International -
I wonder, do you know of our annual conference?
www.christianmidwives.org the next one is April 30 - May 3 -2008 in Indiana. We always raise money for mission work - this year it is going to training midwives in Africa and to my ministry called Blessing God's Way www.blessingGodsway.com

I too am studying for midwifery - I know Carla and I am a Trust Birth Facilitator too!

Hope we can connect!


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