03 March 2008

"crash course"

I had so much fun on Saturday that I had to share! I was approached a few months ago by a mother pregnant for the second time. She was looking for childbirth classes locally for her and a friend. I invited them to my house to just meet and answer some questions. She called me again about a month ago and asked if I could do a one-day class. She arranged lunch and childcare, and I taught. I normally teach 18hour classes, so to narrow it down to about 6 hours took some work. We covered stages of labor, how to communicate with the doctor before and during labor, breastfeeding, and a variety of other topics. Three couples attended and it was a great learning experience for them.

Now that I'm done teaching that class, I can get on to other pressing matters. In April I will be teaching the pregnancy and birth section for the highschool anatomy class. I did the same last year and have been invited back!

At some point I do need to finish those articles.

We will be traveling to the USA for June and July so of course lots of preparations to do.

And sadly... I fired our housekeeper (leaving the iron on for 2 days was the final offense) and our part-time turning full-time nanny decided to quit the next day and go back to school instead. So, for the first time in years I'm cleaning my own house. Which means no time for study. We will probably wait to hire someone new until we come back after the summer. Praise God I only have a small 800 sq. ft. apartment to take care of!



At 10:50 PM, Blogger Nicole said...


Will we get to see you when you're in the US this summer?

Nicole & Eric

At 4:40 AM, Blogger rcsnickers said...

Glad it went well.

yes, I need to get dates from you as well! Really want to see you all when you are back!

At 9:53 PM, Blogger Laura said...

That's great that you have opportunites along and along to teach about childbirth.

I'm curious-re: your becoming a midwife-and you being a big proponent of UC-do you think you can reconcile the two? I guess being as non-intrusive as possible would be close.

And sorry you had to fire your housekeeper. But I don't blame you!

At 9:18 AM, Blogger Emily said...

Sounds like you are super busy. I would have loved to sit in on your crash course.
Looking forward to seeing you all this summer and hope you can get everything done that you need to get done!

At 9:44 PM, Blogger Erin said...

Nicole, yes I think so. we'll be in FL for 21 days

Laura, thats a good thing for me to write about!


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