23 February 2009

My Birth and Midwifery Library

I have amassed quite a collection of birthing, breastfeeding, and midwifery books over the past 4 years. It started with a purchase of Heart and Hands and has slowly morphed into a whole bookshelf. In fact, I'm already past a whole bookshelf now with all of my folders and related materials. When making up my inventory lists I was shocked to find that I own over 200 books and then videos, periodicals, and teaching visuals on top of that.

There is no interloan library here. My husband's school librarian gave me the access code to the online periodical library they use in order for me to have more resources. The highschool library only has 5 medical books, the newest of which is copyright 1977... older than me! The BAMBI group here has a lending library, and about 200 extra titles and piles of videos that I can supplement with.

Of course, there are still many books that I will need eventually, but what I have has been amazingly useful for my first year of midwifery school. How did I come by all of these books? Was it expensive? Well, thanks to half.com and other similar sites, I spent about 45% of retail price, including shipping. Last summer I had a huge pile(s) shipped to my sister-in-law's house which ended up taking over a corner of her bedroom. 10 suitcases later and upon final count, 100kg (over 200lb) or our 200kg of luggage was books for me! Half of our luggage was books. I love books.

And for those midwifery student friends of mine who want to drool. Here's a pic, with the best midwifery book having it's rightful place front and center... HMII.

If only it were still so nice and organized... now it looks well-used and borrowed from!

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At 9:25 PM, Blogger Emily said...

Great resouces. I wish I'd had more time to read a few more of them. It was nice having them at the house!

At 12:24 PM, Blogger majikfaerie said...

oh no! you made me drool on my keyboard!

At 9:21 AM, Blogger Lisa said...

Wow! just wow. I cant even fill a whole shelf yet. And I was just worrying over the AAMI required list, it is nothing after seeing that.


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