01 April 2009

My new website!

After much contemplation on business names, I've changed it. I needed something that encompasses all that I do. And then thanks to another doula friend, I was introduced to a company/program that makes doing websites on your own not too hard of a thing to accomplish.

So I am now the proud owner of:
Bangkok Birth & Beyond

I've gotten some great comments on my logo. Yes I made it myself! It all started with drawing squiggled bellies while doodling during a sermon at church. When I got home there was one doodle I really liked so saved it in a pile of papers next to the computer. 2 months later, I decided on a new business name. Then while working on the website and thinking I needed a logo, I remembered my doodles. I found it and scanned it into a photo editting program. Then I just started playing around with it. Didn't like just one squiggle so thought I'd try more than one. Hey it looked like 3 B's. But B's need backs and so do pregnant bellies. And then Tada! 3 Squiggles that look like 3 B's and 3 Bellies all in one. Editted to a better color and thickness and done. So easy and I didn't have to hire anyone to do it for me.

So yippee for a new site that will bring in more women and families who need assistance.

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At 4:18 AM, Blogger rcsnickers said...

It is awesome. How exciting for you!!!! The Lord is blessing this path for you!


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