20 July 2009

Hello from Indonesia

I know I had promised blogging from Indonesia, but I've had no time! I've been here almost 6 weeks and am waiting on birth # 30 right now. I don't know how I will share about my time here - some is so hard to put into words, some so personal, and how to fit 6 weeks of crazy living onto a few posts? Thankfully I did some journaling while waiting during births so I can reconstruct some of that later. There is a "no blogging" clause from the clinic so I'll have to be careful with details as well.

We'll be returning to Bangkok on Friday and then the blogging can start! I'm thinking of sharing by category, such as prenatal clinics, twin experience, life in Indonesia, difficult births, midwife certification, and more.

And we are planning now on how to come back in a year or two! A 4-hour plane ride and a cheap place to live makes it totally possible. My preceptor/supervising midwife is amazing and would love for me to come back. And of course we've made many new friends along the way.

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At 8:43 PM, Blogger Emily said...

That is great Erin. Looking forward to hearing all about your experiences!

At 5:57 AM, Blogger Elizabeth said...

Can't wait to hear about it Erin! Praying for you!

At 7:39 PM, Blogger rcsnickers said...

I am thrilled to hear of the great experience so far! I look forward to reading more of your experience! :)

At 9:19 PM, Blogger gunter fam said...

i want to hear all about your experience there!

At 2:23 AM, Blogger AWood said...


I wasn't sure if there was any way to contact you personally through email or whatnot so I decided to just leave a comment. The other day I did a google search wondering if it is possible to get a toddler to start nursing again after a new baby is born- one of your posts about tandem nursing came up and that is how I found you. I was wondering if there is any way you can help me or point me to some resources, here's my story in a nutshell:
When our son was just shy of 5 months old we found out that we were expecting our second baby. I did everything I could to continue nursing him exclusively but had to start supplementing with formula at 8 months because he was losing weight, I didn't feel like I had much of a choice. He continued to nurse, but slowly nursing less and less until he was down to just nursing in the mornings. I was hoping to keep that up until the baby is born (November) but last Sunday he would not nurse at all. Maybe I did not try hard enough, I don't know. I think that eventually he realized that he could get much more from the bottle so he just wanted to go straight to that since he was hungry and bypass my tiny bit of colostrum or whatever it is right now! I had hoped to nurse him for 2 years and would love to get him going again once the baby is born- he will be close to 13 months then. I just don't know exactly how to do that! I know that my body can produce enough milk for two, but I feel worried thinking about how to do everything- like when should I start trying to nurse Isaiah again (as soon as the baby is born? Wait until my milk comes in? Etc.), how can I make sure the baby is getting enough. I am just a little confused. I know there are books about tandem nursing, but I didn't know if they addressed helping a previously weaned young toddler begin nursing again along with everything else. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you have any advice to offer please feel free to email me at: amosobadiah @ msn.com (removing the spaces of course)

Amy W. (I had to sign in using my husbands google account)


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