27 August 2015

Naturopath... Loading...

In May I applied and was accepted for a ND program.  I have 3 years to complete the program, which looks doable if I finish all of the courses in 2 years, leaving 1 year for case studies and the dissertation.  I have completed some of the program, being 4 months in, and have already learned so much.  I feel much more confidence in providing alternative medicine options for the families that I work with and my own family.

I am currently studying 5 hours a day when doing not home/kids/family stuff or working with my clients.  Each day it is 2 hours of ND study, 1 hour of acupuncture study, 2 hours of midwifery study.  Right now I'm using those midwifery study hours to focus on my contributions for the curriculum for a doula training coming up and for my CPM recertification that is due in March (and any CEUs still needed). I'm also soon to be on-call for 4 births in the next few months.

I am so happy that I have found this path as it finally encompasses all that I want to do to serve the families in my community!

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