21 January 2015

2015 Goals and Dreams

2014 ended up being a great year for healing, studying, working, and dreaming for the future.  I completed quite a bit of midwifery studies, saw my health take a turn for the better, attended just a handful of good births, and have found some new fun opportunities.

Here were my goals for 2014:Every semester – submit AAMI midwifery studies assignmentsEvery day – work on midwifery studies a minimum of 30 minutes a dayJune/July – hopefully visit the USA and while there recertify for CPR/NRPAll year – not so many births. Just enough to be able to start precepting an apprentice.
[a whole lot about slowing down]

What I Accomplished:

Didn't submit any work but have a lot completed and ready to submit this quarter.
Studied most days or at least read.
June/July - I found recert options here in Thailand.  Instead enjoyed spending time with family.
Not so many births but 3 in December, 2 were mothers I've assisted before.  One was a crazy fast Christmas Eve baby!
Helped my apprentice finish up her births and studies, and she sits for the NARM exam next month.
Slowing down: Definitely. I needed rest, I needed to enjoy my children, I needed to feed my family in a healthier way, I needed to clean my bathrooms.

My Goals for 2015:

Finish my midwifery studies?  I think I can possibly finish by August so that I can graduate at the Trust Birth Conference in September.  If my eyes/health allow, it just may be possible.
Every day: Averaging about 4 to 5 hours of study.
Births: Just a few as health and studies need to take front seat.
Acupuncture: I have an opportunity to apprentice with an amazing TCM doctor and will jump at the opportunity while it's there.  But he says to finish midwifery studies first!  He always asks me how many hours I've studied for the week, so great accountability there.
Apply for the Naturopath Doctor program.

Longterm GoalsGraduate from AAMI this fall or next.  I've put it out there that I WILL graduate in September but it all depends on health.

Naturopath Doctor.  It's a 3 year program and I've been studying so much for the past few years.  I might just take off 6 months before applying and do NOTHING but read fun books and play with my food dehydrator while the kids are school!


At 2:45 PM, Blogger Stephanie Martinez said...

Can you please direct me to a doctor in Bangkok or preferably Hua Hin who can perform a labial and lingual laser frenectomy on my 18 mo son?


At 1:14 PM, Blogger Talia said...

HI there!

I am a Canadian teacher, living in Singapore, and looking at starting out on my adventure to becoming a midwife. As a teacher, I also move internationally at times. I see you're in Bangkok!
I am looking at relocating to teach in Bangkok right around the time when I might look into my practical work as a midwife, and I feel like you might be a good person to keep in contact with. I'll need a preceptor and obviously someone with the same plan would be useful.

Sorry I posted here, as I didn't know how else to get in touch, but if you think this is a decent plan, please email me at taliaritz@gmail.com and I would love to chat!



At 2:40 PM, Blogger Walker Mitchell said...

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