05 June 2011

4th trip to Indonesia

This Tuesday June 7th my family and I will be going back to Indonesia for 7 weeks. This will be my 4th and last trip as a student! The focus will be filling in the holes of missing things, like a few initial prenatals, a couple newborn exams, and the most important continuity of care births (3 postpartums, birth, postpartum, newborn exam). We will go back again in Dec, but I won't be considered a student. At that visit, my preceptor and I will sit down and do loads of final paperwork. I am so so excited going back because I was just there and I can pick up where I left off.

In March I attended 3 births. Due dates never match up of course. I had one mom due Mar 12, and two moms due on Apr. 3. Well one of the Apr 3 moms birthed on Mar. 10, the Mar 12 birthed on the 14th, and then the Apr 3 birthed on Mar. 29.

Also in March, I was able to have all of my secondary skills checked off by a visiting CPM midwife from Idaho. She was here for her sister's birth and was capable and more than willing for me to test with her. So I flew up to ChiangMai once to do the prenatal things, sterile technique, injections, etc., and then I flew up again after the birth to do the postpartum and newborn exams. The mama was so sweet and didn't mind at all that I was using her or her adorable baby as test subjects!

After we get back from Indonesia, we have 1 and half weeks until school starts, and ... I can CELEBRATE! All four children will be in school! I'll be sad that I'll have no children at home but at the same time I can do 10x the studying, and serve other women as well.

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At 9:09 PM, Blogger Missy Rose said...

i have just found your blog and am so excited to read more and pray for you and all you're doing. bless you!

At 12:55 AM, Blogger HALL FAMILY said...

Hi, I am looking in to the differnt way to persue midwifery while on the mission field. Can you email me and give me some info on how you are doing this? I also have 5 children. Caressa.hall@sbcglobal.net

At 12:57 PM, Blogger Crystal said...

I found you on google 'cause your blog name is similiar to my sisters blog
Missionary Mama
They were planning on going to Thialand as missionaries, but have left the mission org. they were with.
I thought you might be interested in her blog.

At 2:45 PM, Blogger Walker Mitchell said...

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