17 January 2011

GOALS 2011

Here were my goals for 2010:

“Every quarter - submit AAMI midwifery studies assignments
June/July 2010 - visit USA for visiting family and do some midwifery networking and/or workshop
Dec 2010 - complete breastfeeding counselor certification
Dec/Jan - another short visit for apprenticeship and apply for 2 months following summer (I think this will become an annual Christmas visit and then every other summer visit)”

So what did I accomplish? I only submitted one quarter of work. I did not plan on having so many births this year or going to B---urma, or going to the USA on an unplanned visit, or my dad getting terminal cancer. And I feel OK with only that submission. I worked a lot on other assignments that I can submit this next year. I was able to do a lot of networking while in the USA for the summer and also while there managed to complete my Neonatal Resuscitation certification and my CPR for the Professional Rescuer certification. Still working on the lactation counselor certification. I did complete some reading for it and also got special permission for some of the readings to be altered so that the same assignments would also work for midwifery school. I did just get back from Bali (that’s another post) and did more births and initial prenatals there.

My goals for 2011 will be fewer as I can’t predict what my father’s health will do. But I’m doing fewer births here in Bangkok so that I can focus on my studies, and once the twins start school in August, I will have more time during the day for studies. Our house will also be under construction this spring so I’ll have to pick assignments that will work if my office area is in shambles. Once the construction is done, I should have a nice area for doing breastfeeding support and prenatals. And my library should be organized (I love my books!).

2011 Goals

Every semester – submit AAMI midwifery studies assignments

Feb – NARM secondary skills checkoffs (hopefully all of them)

June – NARM protocols finished

June/July – back to Bali to complete my apprenticeship!

August – begin intense studies for the NARM exam

Nov – quick 4 day trip to Bali to finalize all NARM paperwork

Dec 2011 - complete breastfeeding counselor certification

Dec/Jan – back to Bali for catching babies without stressing over requirements!

Longterm Goals
Fall 2012 - take NARM exam at the MANA conference
December 2013 - graduate from AAMI
Spring 2014 - Begin legal process and final language study to be the first licensed foreign/Western midwife in Thailand
2015 & Beyond - I can dream about opening a birth clinic here.

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