31 January 2010

Goals 2010

Here were my January 2009 goals:

* Every quarter submit AAMI midwifery studies assignments

* June/July 2009 - gain a lot of experience during my short-term apprenticeship

* Dec 2009 - 1/2 way through breastfeeding counselor assignments and support

* June 2012 - apprentice, take NARM exam during our 1 year sabbatical in the US

* December 2012 - graduate from AAMI

* Aug 2013 - return to Thailand and begin legal process to practice midwifery while teaching CBE, labor assisting, and giving breastfeeding support

* Blogging more on my green blog. Updating my twin blog because, you know, babies grow.

* Doing my Bible reading BEFORE studying midwifery!

So how did I do with my 2009 goals? I did manage to submit 2 quarters of assignments and got honor roll one time! Had a fabulous apprenticeship in June/July and ended up doing a second one in Dec/Jan. Completed 2/3 of my clinical skills. Finished more than half of my Breastfeeding Counselor certification. I've done all of the support hours, just 4 more books to read and a couple written assignments to go. Did I update my twin blog last year? I don't even know, so probably I didn't LOL. And I did manage to do a lot more Bible study before midwifery study :)

After my apprenticeships this summer and winter, I was able to get a better idea of what I need to do to graduate from AAMI and get my CPM, so my goals for 2010 will show some of that. And here are the 2010 goals.

2010 Goals
Every quarter - submit AAMI midwifery studies assignments

June/July 2010 - visit USA for visiting family and do some midwifery networking and/or workshop
Dec 2010 - complete breastfeeding counselor certification
Dec/Jan - another short visit for apprenticeship and apply for 2 months following summer (I think this will become an annual Christmas visit and then every other summer visit)

Longterm Goals
June/July 2012 - (if no sabbatical) network with local midwives to finish NARM/CPM requirements
Fall 2012 or Spring 2013 - take NARM exam
December 2012 - graduate from AAMI
Spring 2013 - Begin legal process and final language study to be the first licensed foreign/Western midwife in Thailand
2015 - Open Birth Clinic!

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At 1:56 AM, Blogger Justin and Bekah said...

I think you accomplished a lot! Great job! Always a great idea to write down your goals - something I should probably do:) haha. You are one busy lady - You should be proud of how much you accomplished in 2009:)

At 9:53 AM, Blogger Emily said...

Love that you are planning a couple of years ahead! Sounds like nothing will stop you!

At 1:12 AM, Blogger Glenna said...

you are such an inspiration. I'm just now beginning my planning to go on this journey and your blog has been such an amazing help!


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