17 December 2009

Back to Indonesia

When we were in Indonesia this summer (now been gone 5 months), we were invited back for Christmas. We decided that would be a great idea, and I went through an abbreviated application process to go for 3 weeks. The clinic's volunteer program changed right after I left (4 month minimum plus required language study), but because I'm a "special circumstances" student midwife, plus already know the clinic and staff, plus know a bit of the language, plus my preceptor loves me, means that I can go for even 3 short weeks!

While writing the previous blogs about my experiences, I was able to think long and hard about different aspects of my apprenticeship. I learned so much, and not just about midwifery. About myself, life, goals. Going back this time, I have a different perspective, some different goals, etc. I am so excited to be working with the same wonderful midwives and women. My family is going again and they will love life there like before. Lots of children and places to play.

I've also received monetary donations, combined with my own, and bought some much needed supplies for the clinic. My budget was about $300, and I bought what I could find here in Bangkok. It took a lot of exploring the town and the help of my language teacher to find it all: 4 cases of sterile gloves, 200 cord clamps, 20 catheters, 20 syringes, 2 Eldon cards, 1 infant oxygen mask, Ciprofloxacin (antibiotics), Bactroban, and gentian violet (for thrush). Now I just have to fit it all in with our luggage allowance!

So here comes my next midwifery adventure! Dec. 20th to Jan 11th will be full of many longs days, sleepless nights, and lots of sweet little babies born into my hands!

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At 3:26 AM, Blogger Sarah Jean said...

Just wanted to let you know I included you on a list of student midwife blogs at http://sarahmidwife.blogspot.com

You do great work!


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