12 January 2012

Goals 2012

Every year I set new goals after looking at how I met my goals the previous year. I am mentoring 2 other students from my midwifery school, and I also ask them to set goals, both short- and long-term. It really works to get the goals out there to be accountable.

Here were my goals for 2011:
Every semester – submit AAMI midwifery studies assignments
Feb – NARM secondary skills checkoffs (hopefully all of them)
June – NARM protocols finished
June/July – back to Bali to complete my apprenticeship!
August – begin intense studies for the NARM exam
Nov – quick 4 day trip to Bali to finalize all NARM paperwork
Dec 2011 - complete breastfeeding counselor certification
Dec/Jan – back to Bali for catching babies without stressing over requirements!

So what did I accomplish? Everything on the list except for the breastfeeding counselor certification and a submission each semester. The NARM paperwork took me a bit longer to accomplish due to having a foster baby and flood days in the fall, but I am very very happy about what was accomplished! The secondary checkoffs were easily done with a midwife that was visiting the country. Bali was amazing and meant that I got lots of extra experience.

And now my…
2012 Goals
Every semester – submit AAMI midwifery studies assignments
Every day – study for the NARM exam
February - submit final NARM application
June/July – visiting the USA and hopefully lugging along one textbook to finish a project
September – fly to CA for the NARM exam and attend the MANA conference that same weekend
December – finish the breastfeeding counselor certification
All year – lots of births (and they will count towards me precepting other students)

I am soooo close to being DONE!!!!

Longterm Goals
Spring 2013 - graduate from AAMI, a very lofty goal and not likely to happen but I can dream and hope to graduate at the conference in Sydney that spring.
Spring 2014 - Begin legal process and final language study to be the first licensed foreign/Western midwife in Thailand
2015 & Beyond - I can dream about opening a birth clinic here.


At 5:34 AM, Blogger zach said...

Hi Erin, I am a Student Nurse Midwife studying in the States, with the goal of being a missionary midwife. I was wondering what/how midwives practice in Thailand.

At 5:35 AM, Blogger zach said...

my name is Mary and my email address is rothchild3@juno.com

At 2:43 PM, Blogger Walker Mitchell said...

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